There are eight (8) study guides and primers that present core material and are available to you as supplementary study aids. 

Each primer reviews information that summarizes important topics in photos, tables and short summaries.

Obtaining CME Credit for Viewing Primers and Study Guides 

Participants can receive CME credits and MOC points by viewing the Primers and Study Guides. Each Primer is worth 1.5 CME hours. 

To claim CME Credit:

  1. View each primer in its entirety
  2. Attest to the number of CME hours you wish to claim 
  3. Download your CME certificate. 


P - 1
Antibacterial Resistance Primer
Robin Patel, MD
P - 2
Antiviral Resistance Primer
Richard Whitley, MD
Andrew Pavia, MD
P - 3
HIV Drug Resistance Primer
Roy Gulick, MD
P - 4
Antifungal Resistance Primer
John Bennett, MD
P – 5
Differential Diagnosis of Diseases presenting as Skin Nodules, Ulcers, or Ulceronodular Skin Lesion
David Gilbert, MD
P – 6
Microbiology Primer
Robin Patel, MD
P – 7
Rickettsia Primer
Paul Auwaerter, MD
John Bennett, MD
W. Michael Scheld, MD
P – 8
ID Images You should Know
Henry Masur, MD