IDBR Recorded Lectures: Day 1

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Drs. Bennett and Masur
Daily Question Preview 1
Henry Masur (Moderator)
Clinical Immunology and Host Defense     
Steven Holland, MD
Respiratory Viral Infections including Influenza, Immunocompetent, and Immunocompromised Patients
Andrew Pavia, MD
Board Review Session 1    
Drs. Pavia (Moderator), Bennett, Bloch, Chambers, Gandhi, and Nelson
Bone and Joint Infections   
Sandra Nelson, MD
Syndromes that Masquerade as Infections
Karen Bloch, MD
Endocarditis of Native and Prosthetic Devices, and Infections of Pacers Ventricular Assist Devices
Henry Chambers, MD
Penicillin Allergies  
Sandra Nelson, MD
Staphylococcal Diseases
Henry Chambers, MD
Pharyngitis Syndromes including Group A Strep Pharyngitis     
Karen Bloch, MD
Photo Opportunity I: Photos and Questions to Test Your Board Preparation  
Rajesh Gandhi, MD
HIV-Associated Opportunistic Infections I
Henry Masur, MD
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