TECC: Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

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This course provides an overview of civilian high threat medical principles to be applied by all active bystander and medical providers during active violence and intentional mass casualty events. It challenges some of our established principles of emergency response, and establish a platform from which to build additional knowledge and skills in subsequent modules designed specifically for each member of the chain of survival.

Target Audience

This module is designed for all levels of providers:  whether you are a citizen, who becomes an active bystander, to the police officer or other first responders like the Fire and EMS professionals, or the hospital-based first receivers. In total, all providers comprise the Chain of Survival in the TECC model.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the needs for rapid point of wounding care 
  • Define each link in the TECC Chain of Survival 
  • Define the TECC phases of care
  • Match common wounding patterns with the appropriate stabilizing treatment
Course summary
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Accredited continuing education credits are not currently available for this course. 

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