Course Overview 

Welcome to Module I: Endocrinology. This Module is part of The Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine. You will be completing Module I on A4M/MMI's online learning platform, Blackboard, which serves as the classroom and information center for all coursework. Students completing a module online will find all necessary module materials in Blackboard.
Your learning experience will be segmented into three distinct parts:
  1. Pre-module activities
  2. Module Lectures
  3. Post-module knowledge reinforcement and practical case application
Please complete all pre-module requirements prior to listening to the main module audio in Part 2 Module Lectures; the pre-module material includes readings, webinars, submission of assignment for review by faculty, and knowledge test. Additionally, it is strongly suggested that you submit your post-module case analysis, view post-module webinars, and repeat the knowledge test during the post-module activity within 2 weeks of completing all main module lectures. The readings, webinars, and assignments are designed to consolidate your knowledge and clinical decision-making skills to master topics contained within each module. We believe that if you fully dedicate yourself to this coursework, you will successfully accomplish the requirements and achieve the objectives.