Complete Evaluation Day 4
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Daily Question Preview Day 4 - Roy Gulick, MD
Gastrointestinal Disease: Clinical Syndromes - Herbert Dupont, MD
Clinical Manifestations of Human Retroviral Diseases and Slow Viruses - Frank Maldarelli, MD
Gastrointestinal Disease: Etiologic Agents - Herbert Dupont, MD
HIV Diagnosis - Frank Maldarelli, MD
Antiretroviral Therapy - Roy Gulick, MD
HIV Drug Resistance - Michael Saag, MD
Antiretroviral Therapy for Special Populations - Roy Gulick, MD
Syndromes that Masquerade as Infections - Karen Bloch, MD
Tuberculosis in Immunocompetent and Immunosuppressed Hosts - Susan Dorman, MD
Non-AIDS-Defining Complications of HIV/AIDS - Michael Saag, MD
Hospital Epidemiology - Robert Weinstein, MD
Pharyngitis Syndromes Including Group A Strep Pharyngitis - Karen Bloch, MD