Complete Evaluation Day 2
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Daily Question Preview Day 2 - Andrew Pavia, MD
Clinical Immunology and Host Defense - Steven Holland, MD
Respiratory Viral Infections Including Influenza, Immunocompetent, and Immunocompromised Patients - Andrew Pavia, MD
Bone and Joint Infections - Sandra Nelson, MD
Photo Opportunity II: More Photos and Questions to Test Your Board Preparation - John Bennett, MD
Endocarditis of Native and Prosthetic Devices, and Infections of Pacers and Ventricular Assist Devices - Henry Chambers, MD
Zoonoses - David Aronoff, MD
Penicillin Allergies - Sandra Nelson, MD
Staphylococcal Disease - Henry Chambers, MD
Helicobacter and Clostridioides Difficile - David Aronoff, MD
HIV Associated Opportunistic Infections I - Henry Masur MD