Participants can receive CME credits and MOC points by listening to the live lectures, reviewing the daily ARS questions, and completing the course evaluation.
The archived recordings of these lectures will be available on or before September 8th and will be organized chronologically by day. You can view them online with the slides with streaming audio, or you can download the MP3 audio file onto your personal computer or mobile device.

CME Hours


To Claim CME Credit:

  • Complete the final course evaluation.

  • Upon completing the final course evaluation, you will be redirected to the link to claim CME credit where you will be asked to check the Attestation Statement box and enter the number of CME credits commensurate with the extent of your participation in the activity.

MOC Points


To Claim MOC Points:

  • You must pass the Post-test and claim CME credit prior to claiming MOCpoints.
  • After claiming your CME hours on the GW Cloud-CME site, you will be asked to attest whether you want your online learning to be reported to the ABIM.
    • If you select yes, you will be asked to input your name, ABIM number, and date of birth.


Prior to claiming CME credit and MOC points, participants are asked to complete a set of thirty (30) content-related questions to assess their mastery of the information presented.

CME & MOC    

  • You must pass the test in the 30-minute allotted time frame.
  • You will be given three (3) attempts to pass the Post Test (minimum performance level = 70% correct).
  • After each attempt, you may read the rationales prior to taking the test again.
  • If you do not pass the Post Test within three (3) attempts, you cannot claim MOC points for this activity however, you can still receive CME credit.